Out & About in SF – Beer Week 2013

OK, here is the deal – I am not a fan of beer.  Well actually, beer and my stomach are not fans of each other, so that is why I am not a fan of beer. I have been known to kick one back at the ballpark or hockey game.  I will even say a nice cold one on a hot summer day will make me sigh in happiness. But after my one, I am done.

So why am I talking about beer here? Well it is the final weekend of Beer Week 2013 in San Francisco. And as much as my stomach dislikes beer, there are some really great events going on this weekend. And I have to say, most beer aficionados are good peeps. There is the occasion asshole in the bunch, and you the type of person I am talking about.  And yes, I can say that, as I have one of those types of beer fanatics in the family.

Here is a link to the official Beer Week 2013 website.

Here is link on Sosh of all the happenings this weekend.  You will need to create an account for Sosh, but it is a great site for those in SF area.

And last, is SF Weekly‘s Beer Week Roundup for this weekend. You may need to check the main page for Saturday’s roundup, just a FYI.

And with how beautiful it will be this weekend, I say go out enjoy it with a few friends and a glass of brew or two.


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