All About Me

Here is the long and short of me. Any questions, please ask.

I am a proud Midwestern girl.

I love to laugh.

I love a good glass of wine.

I love the smell of Fall.

I hate snow.

I used to play hockey.

I am not a good cook but I love to eat.

I love to read recipes.

I am a huge YA book fan.

I have a thing for vampires.

I am a music snob.

I think just about everything can be fixed with a piece of chocolate.

I love to travel.

I hate spiders.

I love a chilled glass of Herradura Tequila.

I want to write my book.

I sing really loudly in the car.

I am a proud ginger!

I love flip flops.

I hate green peppers.

I try to be a good person.

I married my best friend.

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