Picnic Planning

As the snow falls in Chicago, I find myself planning my weekend picnic thanks to the Spring-like weather her in San Francisco. While I do feel bad for my friends and family back home; it is going to be too nice not to get out and enjoy it. So why not do it properly with a picnic?

A few years ago, I purchased from Crate and Barrel their table-in-a-bag, and it has become a staple for my summer months. I just did a quick search online, and you can find other retailers selling it from around $30 to $60.

Now why do I love this silly contraption? It is light and so easy to set up. If my mother can set it up, anyone can set it up. The legs simply screw into the bottom of the table, and you are ready to go. 

Anyone have any other picnic suggestions for this weekend? Wines, foods, equipment, good spots?

A Grey & Rainy Day in San Francisco

While I am not complaining about the weather here in SF; I will say the cold, grey, rainy mess outside is making me a little blue. So in an effort to combat this, I decided to upload one of my favorite feel-good songs. I swear this one always gets me up dancing and singing along.



Guaranteed to get your toe tappin’ just a little bit!


Do you have a favorite song that always chases the blues away?

Out & About in SF – Beer Week 2013

OK, here is the deal – I am not a fan of beer.  Well actually, beer and my stomach are not fans of each other, so that is why I am not a fan of beer. I have been known to kick one back at the ballpark or hockey game.  I will even say a nice cold one on a hot summer day will make me sigh in happiness. But after my one, I am done.

So why am I talking about beer here? Well it is the final weekend of Beer Week 2013 in San Francisco. And as much as my stomach dislikes beer, there are some really great events going on this weekend. And I have to say, most beer aficionados are good peeps. There is the occasion asshole in the bunch, and you the type of person I am talking about.  And yes, I can say that, as I have one of those types of beer fanatics in the family.

Here is a link to the official Beer Week 2013 website.

Here is link on Sosh of all the happenings this weekend.  You will need to create an account for Sosh, but it is a great site for those in SF area.

And last, is SF Weekly‘s Beer Week Roundup for this weekend. You may need to check the main page for Saturday’s roundup, just a FYI.

And with how beautiful it will be this weekend, I say go out enjoy it with a few friends and a glass of brew or two.



Two of my best friends from back home are visiting for the weekend. So what is on the menu of fun this weekend? LOTS!

Friday will see us touring Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Warf. We are then heading over to the Ferry Market Building for macaroons at Miette. YUM! Our dinner reservations are at Wexler’s, which has become one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. As for post-dinner entertainment, I would really like to head back to The Hidden Vine for a final glass of vino.

Saturday will see us heading up to Napa for some wine tasting. All of us have been to Napa/Sonoma a few times, so we are going to visit a few of our favorites. We will start at Elyse, and then over to Groth for their Open House, Stag’s Leap after lunch, and finally Sequoia Grove to finish out our Cabernet adventures. Dinner is planned for Bouchon, which I have never been, so I will have to give a review. And since we will be so close to Bardessono, I might have to stop in for a post-wine tasting drink.

Sunday will see us brunching somewhere before my friends leave. That is still being planned, as I hate brunch. And yes, I know brunch is a HUGE thing to do on Sunday mornings in San Francisco. But I never know what to order – breakfast or lunch? I always feel like I am being cheated out of a meal.

So what are your plans this weekend?

Month Five

Five months ago, my husband and I sold our house and moved across the country to San Francisco. Looking back, I cannot believe how fast everything happened.  We placed our house on the market and it sold within three weeks.  We then had three weeks to pack and move 12 years worth of memories. Not an easy task when you are moving from a house to an apartment, but somehow we did it.

So why did we move?  We moved due to my husband’s job.  And while his career has blossomed in a tech friendly city, my professional career has withered. So I find myself Tweeting, Pinning, and now blogging my way through this adventure.

So what can you expect to see here? Posts  and thoughts about wine, food, restaurants, hiking, out-and-about in San Francisco, hockey, books, music, and life. I will try and make it interesting.  I will even try and make it informative. But I am kind of new at this, so I am sure my starting post will be very different from my final post.