Travel Theme: Mountains

So I spotted a picture of a beautiful mountain on one blog, and it brought me to another blog about  Travel Themes.  I loved the idea of a travel theme, so I had to participate.  Here is my contribution.

Now please remember I am a Midwestern girl; so anything larger than an anthill is a mountain to me.

This was taken in November 2010 at Stags Leap Wine Cellar.


A Grey & Rainy Day in San Francisco

While I am not complaining about the weather here in SF; I will say the cold, grey, rainy mess outside is making me a little blue. So in an effort to combat this, I decided to upload one of my favorite feel-good songs. I swear this one always gets me up dancing and singing along.



Guaranteed to get your toe tappin’ just a little bit!


Do you have a favorite song that always chases the blues away?

Sugarloaf Open Space Walnut Creek

I went for a quick hike recently at Sugarloaf Open Space in Walnut Creek.  This is a great spot just outside of the downtown area.  While I will say the space is not very large, it was still nice to get outside and move around.  The hills were a bit steep in some areas, so bring a walking stick or make sure to take a break along the way. And it was a bit muddy when I was there, so bring your hiking shoes or a pair of old trainers.

I will also say there was a nice picnic table area and a few benches situated along the trails. Great for a light lunch or a quick snack. Also bring your camera along! Great views of Mt. Diablo off to the East.

And one quick picture from my visit. This spot made me long for a journal to write in, a good book to read, and possible a good glass of wine to watch the sunset.